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About the Photographer

Brian Blostica, the artist behind the camera


I’ve always felt like I take a different approach to photography than most others in the industry. . 

A lot of professionals in the wedding photography industry focus on the money they can make from a single day. I would rather focus on the business second, and the quality of work to show my clients first. 

There is a creative approach to photography that can truly capture the emotion in the events of a single, fleeting day. Such an approach is one that is carefully planned with high consideration in what my clients really want me to capture. The only way to do that is to learn about who my clients are; their personalities, chemistry, and what gets them excited. Reading people has become something I am fairly good at, but I also like to observe characteristics that will create the best memories for both the bride and groom. 

What really makes me happy is when I present preview photos to a bride, and I get a reaction of pure joy. Past clients have even cried after getting a glimpse of just a few photographs.. which further reinforces how my approach to capturing the most important moments for my clients matters the most.

While I find an artistic quality to posing people, and directing the action that I want to see in certain photos, I find that candid moments are more genuine. Those moments evoke a certain meaning that can be captured in a photograph to make it look more like a tangible memory.   I try to find a healthy balance for each individual case between photographing in the moment, and directing a bride and groom where to look or make a simple gesture to enrich a moment I’m trying to create.